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Health and Wellness as an Investment Sector

Health and Wellness as an Investment Sector Main Photo

20 Jun 2018

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When you invest in something, you expect a great deal in return. That’s what happens when you invest in good nutrition and spa treatment: your return on that investment is a healthy mind and body. You can double that investment when you invest both in yourself and in the market that provides those services. In the Commonwealth of Dominica, opportunities for this kind of investment are set to rise.

Trends in the Health and Wellness Industry

2018 is already a big year for the health and wellness industry. At $3.7 trillion in investments globally and with strong expectations for the future, this industry is worth looking into, and many investors are, especially those in the United States. NASDAQ reports that Americans, from the foods they eat to the clothes they were to the destinations they travel, factor health and wellness into those decisions. People want to be nurtured. People want to rejuvenate. People want to start taking care of their minds and bodies. And companies are noticing and investing in the same. Finding the right location for these investments, however, can be tricky. It must provide room for real investment and growth opportunities as well as real benefits that help drive those opportunities.

The Benefits of Investing in Health and Wellness in Dominica The Commonwealth of Dominica is home to a wealth of health and wellness investment opportunities. On the ground, there are ample resources to develop, and, at the government level, there are a number of benefits an investor can take advantage of. Here’s a little bit about what you should know when considering investing in health and wellness and why Dominica may be the best place for it.

The Development Natural Resources

Dominica is home to a wealth of natural resources that can be developed for the purpose of the health and wellness industry.

  • Dominica has an abundance of natural, underground hot water sources.
  • Dominica is a source of plants and herbs that can be and are used in alternative medicine, including oils and teas.
  • Dominica is well endowed with natural landscapes for recreational or empowerment activities, like hiking and meditation.

Government Benefits

The government is actively promoting investment and development of the health and wellness industry in Dominica. As such, investors can take advantage of great benefits. Some of these include exemptions from payment of import duties on:

  • Building materials
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Equipment
  • & More.

Dominica is an ideal location to make investments. To learn more about how the Commonwealth of Dominica may be the ideal location for you to make your investments, contact us today. We are here and ready to discuss exciting new ventures with you.

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