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Four Investment Sectors in Dominica You Don’t Want to Miss

Four Investment Sectors in Dominica You Don’t Want to Miss Main Photo

28 Nov 2017

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When you think of Dominica, perhaps the first things that come to mind are the stunning vistas, crystal clear oceans and abundant natural resources. What may surprise you is that this small republic has a thriving investment community with a variety of different sectors such as tourism, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), manufacturing and bulk or bottled water. These diverse opportunities are supported by the talented workforce and strong environment that offers strong enablement for investors. Don’t let concerns from Hurricane Maria dissuade you from learning more — Dominica is definitely open for business!


Nature-related activities such as hotels, spas and light adventure projects find a natural home within the abundance of beauty in Dominica. Travellers welcome the excuse to enjoy everything that the island has to offer, and health and wellness investments can provide significant returns. Tourism is an important part of Dominica’s economic future, and the government is focused on supporting investment options for the right partners. Sustainable development provides corporate benefits to businesses while medical tourism remains largely an unexplored sector for growth.


Dominica’s long-term commitment to provide a robust technology infrastructure throughout the island allows businesses of all types to thrive. Current initiatives in this direction include the expansion of high-speed connectivity to hospitals and health clinics, with a resilient fibre system available to organizations throughout the island. This focus on technology has created a connected and well-trained workforce, ready to support a wide variety of business needs.


Apart from the booming technology infrastructure, Dominica’s manufacturing sector leverages the attractive natural attributes of the island to encourage expansion into light manufacturing and agro-processing. Easy access to shipping ports and available space for manufacturing factories nearby provide an excellent convergence for assembly line manufacturing.

Bulk and Bottled Water

Potable water is still one of the greatest needs throughout the world, and Dominica has a wealth of fast-running, major rivers that can be tapped. Spring water and vitamin water are currently at the centre of the water industry, with the development of water bottling plants an exceptional choice for forward-thinking investors.

Whether you’re looking for a way to invest in communications technology, hospitality, manufacturing or water sourcing, you are sure to find an opportunity to meet your requirements in Dominica. You will also find a government and workforce that are willing to work closely with you to make your project successful.

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