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Inward Investment Mission Deemed A Success!

Inward Investment Mission Deemed A Success! Main Photo

22 Jul 2022


Inward Investment Mission Deemed a Success!

Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) hosted a contingent of thirty-three (33) investors from Guadeloupe and  Martinique for an inward investment mission from the 13th -17th of June, 2022, the first of its kind for the nature island. The event was deemed a success by Senior Investor Services Officer, Patrickson Victor 

The week-long mission featured 95 networking meetings, visits to Dominican establishments, contractual and collaborative arrangements between the French entrepreneurs and their Dominican counterparts.   Collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce of Guadeloupe, the Chamber of Commerce of Martinique, Caribbean Chambers of Commerce (CARICHAM) and the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce and IDA  played an essential role in the success of the mission. Victor pointed out that the investors came from various sectors and presented a unique occasion for local businesses to interface with them. 

Victor stated, “From all accounts, our initial assessment indicates that the mission was a success." 

He viewed the mission as providing the opportunity for a cross section of Dominican businesspersons representing several sectors to include, agro-processing, commercialization of spirits, sugar, feed and supplies, technology, marketing and wellness and natural products producers to engage and interact with the French businesspersons, for marketing of their products. The French mission was particularly keen on exploring opportunities within Dominica’s rich culture and history with particular focus on music and entertainment and novel production featuring Dominica’s Kalinago indigenous people.   

Activities during the mission included a welcome reception at Jungle Bay, during the which local businesspersons were allowed the opportunity to display their products and network with the visitors and begin conversations that would continue throughout the week. 

A visit to one of the island’s biggest manufacturers, DCP Successors Ltd, gave the investors a glimpse into their production plant and a look at IDA’s support in practice. The core of the visit was a series of Business to Business (B2B) networking meetings that were set up to introduce Dominican businesses to the investors in hopes that they could form the foundation of successful investment and partnership. 

One notable success of the week was a partnership struck between Michael Lees and Pedro Pirbakas for the promotion of Lees' documentary “Uncivilized” in the French West Indies and further afield in Europe. There are also agreements that have been set up in the weeks following the mission as the post-mission support continues and the IDA is also intent on creating a return mission to the French West Indies.

Victor said, “We found this group quite interesting. We are cognizant of the follow up that needs to be done. The French have expressed interest in returning to the island and continuing to work with our locals. We are in the early planning stages of an outward mission because we think it's important to expose our local businesses also to the French market.

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