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Building a future together: Investing in Dominica

Building a future together: Investing in Dominica Main Photo

29 Aug 2022


Highlighted as the Nature Island of the Caribbean for decades, Dominica’s beauty lies in its lush green forests, diverse flora and fauna, serene, crystal-clear rivers, and some spectacular mountain ranges; these have impressed tourists and nature enthusiasts over generations.

The Government of Dominica is committed to welcoming investors from around the world. There are several opportunities for investment in Dominica that derive from the island’s versatility in many areas of development.

Why is Dominica a great area for investment?

Well-known for its warm and industrious people, favourable business environment and unique tourist attractions,  Dominica is an excellent location for sustainable investment opportunities and an abundance of natural resources. Transparent, up-to-date investment policies that provide the easy establishment of new businesses, minimal bureaucratic regulations, a vibrant legal system with a traditional basis on British law, and progressive international business laws - all these make Dominica a prime location for inward investments. 

Industry sectors for investment

While the right infrastructure and new policies currently being implemented will be the foundation, sustainable investments will continue to be the focus for Dominica to evolve. There are four major sectors that will take centre stage:

Tourism in the DominicaTourism: Dominica is a key destination for visitors seeking to experience unique beauty firsthand. Ecotourism is a lifestyle choice and Dominica offers a bouquet of opportunities for the discerning traveller. Packaged as a ‘Nature Island’ for world-class tourists, various attractions are in store, with the World Creole Music Festival, held annually during October/November, on top of the list. 

Renewable Energy: The Government announced a plan to make Dominica the first climate-resilient country by the year 2030, and is working to create favourable conditions for future sustainable investments in renewable energies.  Dominica is already a leader in renewable energy in the Caribbean and is seeking to further grow its renewable energy sector by attracting private participation to advance the country’s renewable energy ambitions. Those looking to invest in renewable energy will find a welcoming and supportive environment in Dominica.

Knowledge Services: Engaging a remote workforce is a sustainable solution for managing business operations. Dominica has the talent companies need to go virtual with their HR, finance, technical, legal support, and customer service departments. Dominica has a ready workforce with the skills and aptitude that are essential to business success, and particularly beneficial for the knowledge services and tourism sectors. The Government of Dominica offers a very generous fiscal incentive package for investment in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector and non-tourism-related services. 

Organic Aquaculture in the DominicaOrganic Agri-business, Aquaculture and Manufacturing: These industries are growing impressively in Dominica. The island offers fertile ground for growing tropical and specialty crops, along with clean water for cultivating various marine species. Investors can also maximise Dominica’s reputation as the Nature Island of the Caribbean for marketing and branding to high-end markets.
With food security, health, and safety being major global concerns, expansion of manufactured products, natural agribusiness, aquaculture, and sustainable fishing are priorities.

With a lot happening globally (post-pandemic, war, possible recession) it is even more important now to ensure that the right business climate is available to investors.  People are also seeking safety, comfort and healthy living and Dominica offers this to both visitors and to those who wish to do business.

Now is the time to rethink business decisions, focus on sustainability, adjust to the effects of climate change, and pivot towards niche, high-end investments. All these are unique offerings and Dominica aims to offer them to potential investors from the world over.

Invest Dominica Authority is here to assist you

Our Business and Investment Services provide support and guidance that enables investors and business owners to quickly assess investment opportunities and make sound decisions regarding how to move forward. We do so by committing our resources, contacts, and highly skilled team of consultants to help investors realise their business objectives. Would you like to know more about investing in Dominica? Contact us here today. 

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