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Mutually beneficial industries: Why Agro-processing and Tourism do so well in Dominica

Mutually beneficial industries: Why Agro-processing and Tourism do so well in Dominica Main Photo

2 Dec 2022


Dominica has a rich tradition of using herbs in daily life - natural medicines made from leaves, flowers, barks and roots are commonly used to cure a range of maladies, and everyday cooking uses a variety of herbs from across the island. The rugged terrain of Dominica contains a treasure trove of herbs and their widespread use gives people a bouquet of vitality, freshness, and flavour. 

Dominica has an abundance of natural resources – water, forests, fruits, herbs, flora and fauna, which provide potential investors with several opportunities. The products derived from these resources include a number of high-end niche products like bulk and bottled water and mining. 

A keen focus on the Agro-processing industry

Dominica has all the resources needed to kickstart a resilient and sustainable Agro- processing business. 33 percent of the total area of Dominica is rich, agricultural land. Stunning biodiversity and safe spring, and surface water sources, contribute to the land's suitability for organic farming. And with it’s low impact on land and water resources as well as a small carbon footprint, Organic Agro-Business aligns with Dominica's goal to become the world's first climate-resilient nation. 

With large marine areas, a long coastline, numerous fresh water, lakes and an abundance of rivers, Dominica’s resources present exciting potential for new investment as the demand for sustainably sourced seafood increases across the globe. Aquaculture and sustainable fishing is also a priority here. 

A rich fishing and agricultural tradition in Dominica can therefore, provide various avenues for agro-processing.  For example, soaps derived from coconut oil are made as well as a variety of rums and rum punches, fruit juices, essential oils, ice cream products, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, furniture and wood products.

Dominica has the requisite Agro-processing and Agri-business capacity 

Ensuring the wider availability of minimally processed foods through changes to production and supply chain practices has the potential to contribute significantly to creating healthy and sustainable food systems. 

Sustainable agriculture policies that are being currently followed by Dominica go a long way in ensuring good health. There is strong support for the production of staple foods that have sustained populations for generations, including vegetables and fruits, whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds, in addition to promoting the consumption of fish, modest amounts of lean meat and low-fat dairy products, all the while ensuring the safety of all such essential foods. Due to these reasons,  today, Dominica is endowed with some of the most advanced food-processing industries, as it continues the process of attracting some major regional and global investments. 

Helping the Tourism and Wellness sectors: The Agro-processing industry

Tourism and Wellness are key sectors that are intrinsically linked to the Agro- processing industry. Through the network of restaurants, hotels, hotel chains and duty-free shops,  it is possible for the agro-processing industry to thrive and grow, while embracing both local and global markets. 

Invest Dominica: With you on your business development journey

Our team at Invest Dominica is here to help you to navigate any challenge that arises on your business development journey. Whether it is its waters, marine  life,  forests, or soil, Dominica has the potential to utilize all of its natural assets to create jobs and grow its economy, while enabling you to grow a profitable business in the organic agribusiness, aquaculture or fishing industries. You can view our resourceful videos here. Contact us at info@invest to schedule a meeting, or visit our website at,  and follow us on our social media platforms. 

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