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Dominica is the Nature Island of the Caribbean, an oasis for rejuvenation, longevity and prosperity.

In Dominica life is simultaneously peaceful and adventurous. That’s because our natural surroundings are truly an oasis, providing a daily escape and opportunities for relaxation. Simultaneously, our abundant rivers, clear waters and incredible hiking trails provide endless recreation opportunities. Whether your speed is full throttle or you prefer to relax in the garden with a good book, you belong in Dominica. 

The island has a wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs. These are part of the lifestyle of the people and are used in herbal stores, spas and rejuvenation centers.



Dominica Has a Rich Culture

The Kalinago people were the first to make Dominica their home. Today the Kalinago culture is preserved and shared through a model village located in the Kalinago Territory. Here, visitors can get a sense for what life was like for Dominica’s indigenous residents through music, food, crafts, and enactments of pre-colonial village living. You can learn more about the Kalinago people here:

Formerly part of the British Commonwealth, Dominica has been an independent country since 1978. With our own government structure and head of state, we have autonomy to create the future we envision, and this future is led by our values that include sustainability and resilience.

When it comes to the cultural heritage of Dominica – you’ll find the influence of our history present in the sights and sounds of our every day life and our celebrations. Whether you’re walking through a busy market place, enjoying a meal on a restaurant terrace, or dancing to the sound of a creole band – it’s evident that Dominica has an energy that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Education Offers Rich Educational Opportunities

Education is important to the people of Dominica. Our highly educated population fuels business growth, inspires innovation and helps us to best manage our natural resources.

PreK- High School

Preschool, primary and secondary education is provided by local public and private schools. There are 57 primary schools and 15 secondary schools to choose from. Families have access to high quality education for their children, as well as opportunities to participate in music, sports, drama, visual arts, and other extracurricular activities. The theme of sustainability is carried through to the education of our young people, who grow up learning to appreciate the abundance and uniqueness of our island’s natural heritage.

Contact List of Schools - 2015 


Universal post-secondary education is available with most people attending Dominica State College right after high school. Students can pursue academic or technical degrees and certifications that lead to university or employment in trades.

Dominica Has a Strong Healthcare System

Dominica has an excellent primary healthcare system. The natural lifestyle that people experience here has an unmistakable influence on attitudes to health and wellness, and on how the COVID-19 pandemic was managed. Dominica has been one of the countries least affected by the pandemic.

Modern Healthcare In a Beautiful Setting

There are four hospitals in Dominica, including a new hospital offering a wide array of services and modern technology.

Princess Margaret Hospital

Goodwill, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica

767 266-2000
767 448-1971

Marigot Hospital

Marigot, Commonwealth of Dominica

767 266-2800

Portsmouth Hospital

Portsmouth, Commonwealth of Dominica

767 266-5600

Grand Bay Hospital

Portsmouth, Commonwealth of Dominica

767 446-3706

The Justin Fadipe Medical Center

A privately owned hospital facility in Cuba Road, Mero on the west coast. Mero, Commonwealth of Dominica

767 449-6711
767 449-8466

Presently, there are forty-eight (48) Health Centres on Island; namely:

Community/District Telephone #
Anse de Mai (767) 266 4058 – 266 4069
Atkinson (767) 266 4011 – 266 4075
Bagatelle (767) 266 4042
Belles (767) 449 2199
Bellevue Chopin (767) 266 4035
Boetica (767) 266 4001
Calibishie (767) 266 4066
Campbell (767) 449 2123
Castle Bruce (767) 266 2200 – 266 2201
Clifton (767) 266 4039 – 266 4040
Cockrane (767) 266 4072
Colihaut (767) 266 4025 – 266 4026
Coulibistrie (767) 266 4046
Delices (767) 266 4000 – 266 4005
Dos D’ane (767) 266 4047
Dublanc (767) 266 4016
Eggleston (767) 266 4034
Fond Cole (767) 266 4030 – 266 4059
Giraudel (767) 266 4049
Grand Bay (767) 266 2226 – 266 2227
Grand Fond (767) 266 4003
Laplaine (767) 266 5400 – 266 5401
Laudat (767) 266 4032
Mahaut (767) 266  4051 – 266 4015
Mahaut River (767) 266 4013
Massacre (767) 266 4023 – 266 4068
Morne Prosper (767) 266 4054 – 266 4022
Newtown (767) 266 4019 – 266 4077
Penville (767) 266 4226
Petite Savanne (767) 266 4043
Petite Soufriere (767) 266 4055
Pichelin (767) 266 4009
Pointe Michel (767) 266 4027 – 266 4021
Riviere Cyrique (767) 266 4002
Roseau (767) 266 5815 – 266 5821
Salisbury (767) 266 4017 – 266 4018
Salybia (767) 266 4048
Sans Sauveur (767) 446 0378
Scotts Head (767) 266 4028 – 266 4031
Soufriere (767) 266 4022 – 266 4044
St Joseph (767) 266 5306 – 266 5307
Tete Morne (767) 266 4070
Thibaud (767) 266 4045
Trafalgar (767) 266 4060 – 266 4067
Vieille Case (767) 266 4033 – 266 4056
Warner (767) 266 4007 – 266 4060
Wesley (767) 266 4004
Woodford Hill (767) 266 4073 – 266 4099
Wotten Waven (767) 449 9656

Dominica Is Nature’s Playground

A top 10 diving destination with abundant marine life, waterfalls, and gorgeous hiking paths - Dominica has it all! There are three national parks which preserve the island’s tropical plants and wildlife. One of the parks, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which recognizes the value of this unspoiled natural area to the world community.

Fort Shirley, in the Cabrits National Park, is a rebuilt 1800s fortress that teaches about Dominica's past while providing stunning views of both mountains and sea.

The Waitikubuli National Trail runs around the island allowing adventurers to  hike into the island’s pristine backcountry.  A sensational marine ecosystem welcomes water lovers who wish to go underwater to dive and explore untouched coral reefs. 

Dominica’s Climate is Beautiful Year Round

The average high temperature is 85°F in January / 90°F in July; average low temperature is 68°F in January / 72°F in July. Dry season generally occurs January – May, rainy season from June – October. The south and the west coasts receive about 85 inches of rain annually, while the mountainous interior rain forest gets more than 340 inches per year. Light to moderate showers occur everywhere year round. Hurricane season is predominantly between August and mid-October.

Dominica Is An Affordable Place to Live

Few would believe that you can live somewhere this beautiful at an affordable price. But, it’s true! Life in Dominica costs 10.7% less than in the United States and that’s attracting retirees, entrepreneurs and families to our beautiful island.

Those moving to Dominica from the United States can save in the following areas:

  • Dining - a basic meal and drink in an inexpensive restaurant costs an average of $4.44 in Dominica versus $14.25 in the U.S.
  • Housing - a 1-bedroom apartment in the downtown area will cost approximately $481.03 in Dominica versus $1,225.46 in the U.S.
  • Childcare - in Dominica, families pay an average of $141.84 to send one child to preschool each month, versus $891.12 in the U.S.

Likewise, life in Dominica costs 12.7% less than it does in Germany13.4% less than in the U.K., 14% less than Hong Kong, and 26.6% less than it does in Australia. Click each of the links for a breakdown of how you can save money if moving from one of these countries. You can also enter a different home country to see how you can save money by relocating to the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

Anyone interested in making Dominica their home can earn citizenship through investment or apply for a work or residency permit.

Once Dominica is your home, you’ll benefit from no capital gains, estate or death tax on your assets - making Dominica even more financially attractive and affordable.

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